Situated on the coastline of East Cork and 50kms from Cork City, there is no town in Ireland that gives you Ireland’s past and present more vividly than Youghal (pronounced Yawl or as in “Y’all come to see us now!”)

This historic walled seaport town adjoins a glorious 5km beach of Atlantic Surf. It has been designated by the Irish Tourism Board as an Irish Heritage Port, due to the many historic buildings and monuments within its ancient town walls.

From Viking times through Norman times and into the days of Cromwell, Youghal was used as a very¬†conveniently located base from which to “visit” the Southern area of Ireland.

Lying at the mouth of the beautiful River Blackwater, Youghal’s most famous citizen was Sir Walter Raleigh whose home “Myrtle Grove”, built in 1462, is still lived ¬†in today. The indefinable characteristics of Youghal can only be understood when you can see, hear and feel the 20th century all around while simultaneously enjoying the wonderfully quaint atmosphere of this truly historic town.

Youghal Highlights:

  • Youghal Heritage Trail
  • Blackwater Cruise
  • St Mary’s Collegiate Church and Gardens
  • Youghal Golf Club
  • Perks Entertainment Centre
  • Foxes lane Museum