A surprise is the ultimate treat for lovers of the outdoors as from the slopes of Knocknakilla you can see the higher slopes of Musheramore Mountain as they plummet to 183m below the valley. This is Millstreet Country Park, a microcosm of all that is precious to Heritage Lovers of all ages, this 500-acre park is yours to explore and enjoy and soak up the ‘spirit’ of this timeless landscape. Moorlands, managed wetlands all complete in spectacle and beauty will vie for your attention with rich meadows, tumbling rivers, lakes, extensive young woods and peaceful ornamental grounds. The park is home to an extensive flora and fauna; you may travel miles of living trails and enjoy the mystical spectacle of 600 red deer silhouetted against ancient stone circles. There is something for all visitors whether they plan an active exploration of the park or just a restful stroll in the gardens.  The crannog acts as a notable feature of many walks, picnics and photographs.  The mood of this striking scene is ever changing with the light of dawn, day and dusk.  The ancient standing stones portray an air of permanence, set in a landscape changed over millennia both by human hand and climate influence. With abundant fresh air, good appetites are satiated with superb meals in the restful and beautiful visitor centre which provides a spacious reception area for a restaurant, shop and cinema and is set amongst gardens in the lower part of the park overlooking lakes and the colourful herb rich meadow.