Camden Fort Meagher is internationally recognised as being “One of the finest remaining examples of a classical Coastal Artillery Fort in the world”. For almost 400 years the fort played a key role as a strong strategic position for the defence of Ireland, the west coast of England and Wales. 65% of Camden Fort Meagher is located underground in a labyrinth of tunnels and chambers. Camden Fort Meagher is a prime location to watch ships passing through Cork Harbour, the second largest natural harbour in the world.

Camden Fort Meagher Highlights

THE BRIGHT TUNNEL – Descends 160 feet from the top of the fort to the bottom.

GRANITE SPIRAL STAIRWAY– Offered soldiers rapid access to the magazine in the event of an attack.

MAGAZINE – Was once a store for vast amounts of munitions and gunpowder.

REENACTMENTS – Displays highlighting different eras take place regularly at Camden Fort Meagher.

PANORAMIC VIEWS OF CORK HARBOUR – Enjoy stunning views of inner and outer Cork Harbour.

EXHIBITION ROOMS – Interactive exhibitions timelining the history of Camden Fort Meagher.

GROUND ZERO 360 – The only resident 9-11 exhibition in the world outside of Manhattan, New York.

THE TEA ROOMS – Classically decorated Tea Rooms with an outdoor decking area.


  • There is restricted access to certain areas of the fort.
  • Only guide or assisted dogs are welcome on site.
  • Please wear suitable footwear.
  • Parking is free. Please use designated car parking area and leave the entrance to the fort free for buses and emergency vehicles.