No trip to Cork is complete without visiting Blarney, where people the world over have stopped at this internationally known tourist centre to kiss the Blarney Stone, which traditionally imparts the ‘gift of eloquence’ on all who kiss it.  The famous Stone is located just below the battlement in Blarney Castle, built in 1446. In order to kiss the Stone, it is necessary to hang ones head downwards over the battlements having climbed 110 steep steps by the original spiral staircase to the summit of the castle. To visit Blarney Castle is to step back in time, and feel the enchantment of a long and heroic past.  Here is one of the great historical sites of Ireland, renowned throughout the world. The view from the entrance gate sets the scene immediately, with fine vistas of parkland crowned by Blarney castle rising up in its entire ancient splendor, framed by clumps of trees. While in Blarney, visit the nearby Blarney Woolen Mills, one of Ireland’s oldest and most authentic Irish woollen mills.