Gunpowder was manufactured on the site that is now a public
park from the 18th century to the start of the 20th Century. From here it was
transported to Cork City and the Port of Cork for supply to the British Armed
Forces worldwide.

The Regional Park itself comprises the now defunct Gunpowder
Mills complex and the networks of sluices and canals installed in the grounds
and used in the manufacturing process still remain today along with most of the
original buildings. In more recent times, ownership of the land transferred
from The Department of Defence to Cork County Council.

The site which is currently used for recreation and amenity
purposes is owned, managed and maintained by Cork County Council. It measures
approximately 134 acres in size and contains 52 structures surviving from the
gunpowder manufacturing process.

Facilities include vast open Grass areas, soccer and rugby
pitches, woodland, playground & Multi Use games areas ( will be complete April
2015). In 2007 a skate park was constructed by Cork County Council and in 2011
outdoor fitness equipment (tone-zones) was installed at the Western end of the
park. The variety of attractions within the park means that there is currently
a significant degree of usage by a cross section of the community.

There are marked walking trails, see pdf map. The trails consist of four looped walks,
colour-coded according to length, which take place within and around the
Regional Park, Ballincollig which was once home to a major gunpowder works. The
Military Trail begins at the Shopping Centre Square and continues to the
Regional Park by a westerly route. Three other trails of varying lengths begin
and end at the western end of the park at the Inniscarra Bridge. All walks are
multi-access and dogson leads are permitted on the trails.

However, much of this is currently confined to the West end
of the Park (A) as this is easily accessed from the public car park near the Inniscarra Bridge. There is a second large Cark park located midway in the park (C)  built in 2013

(source: Cork County Council)

Ballincollig map vcc

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