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Half day Essential Pruning with Alan Pitcher

09/03/2017 — 11:00 am - 2:00 pm — Cork Photo Gallerty — Cork City

Workshop: Half day Essential Pruning by Alan Pitcher.
Date: Thursday 9th March
Time: 11 – 2pm
Venue: Cork Photo Gallery, The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion, Fitzgerald’s Park.
Cost: €40
Suitable for ages 16+.

Pruning is a task that can often intimidate even the most experienced of gardeners. Fear not – this half day workshop will take the mystery out of pruning once and for all! All aspects of pruning will be covered, from the theory through to technique, with lots of practical advice as well as specific pruning techniques for different groups of plants (roses, climbers, shrubs, fruit trees). Tool selection and maintenance will also be covered.

This workshop is essential for people who would like to be able to keep their garden under control but are frightened to tackle anything! Participants may bring along their own pruning tools if they wish but this is not essential.

Alan Pitcher

Alan Pitcher, a lifelong passionate gardener, who refuses to be anything but organic and sustainable. His consuming love of trees, hedgerows and the nature that they support, encourages him in his work of designing for wildlife and hopefully inspiring others to do likewise. A traditional beekeeper, he now works towards a gentler and more considerate way of living with them, which influences all aspects of his work, seeing every garden as a potential haven for wildlife. An experienced teacher in a wide range of gardening topics, including topics such as soil management, growing vegetables, propagation and specialised pruning techniques.

Alan draws on his gardening heroes, the likes of John Seymour, Christopher Lloyd and Klaus Laitenberger to try and motivate others into creating a non-toxic, highly productive and beautiful environment, from which all can benefit. He has planted thousands of trees, both native and exotic, established miles of native hedgerow and sown a million seeds, his legacy. His belief? The magic of a wild, healthy environment, full of natural theatrics, is something we all deserve to be part of.

Alan Pitcher was Assistant Manager at The Secret Garden, Cork from 2006 – 2016, during which time is won Greenest Garden Centre for the UK & Ireland. He now concentrates on teaching and private design and consultation work.

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Style 25 Painted Furniture with Deirdre O’Sullivan

19/03/2017 — 11:00 am - 5:00 pm — Cork Photo Gallery — Cork City

Workshop: Style 25 Painted Furniture with Deirdre O’Sullivan
Date: Sunday 19th March
Time: 11:00am – 5pm
Venue: Cork Photo Gallery, The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion, Fitzgerald’s Park.
Cost: €120
Suitable for 18 years+

Style 25 Painted Furniture

Upcycling workshop: €120 per person. Each person brings a small/medium size piece of furniture to work on. All materials are included as well as lunch and refreshments. The day will start at 11am and finish up around 5. Once finished every person will go home with their finished piece of furniture as well as the skills and knowledge to take on their own upcycling projects at home.

Deirdre O’Sullivan

I am a qualified artist, photographer and designer. I have been running a successful furniture upcycling business for 4 years. I have completed hundreds of commissioned pieces for happy customers as well as mentoring at Vintage,DIY and Upcycling workshops outside of my own classes.

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Introduction to Digital SLR with Claire Ryan

25/03/2017 — 10:00 am - 5:00 pm — Cork Photo Gallery — Cork City

Workshop: Introduction to Digital SLR with Claire Ryan
Date: Saturday 25th March
Time: 10:00am – 5pm
Venue: Cork Photo Gallery, The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion, Fitzgerald’s Park.
Cost: €60
Suitable for 18 years+

Introduction to Digital SLR with Claire Ryan

This practical day long workshop will have an emphasis on understanding through practice-based learning with a view to fully understanding the digital SLR camera. Participants will be given an overview of the DSLR, looking predominantly at exposure, light and composition. Participants will need to bring a fully charged digital SLR camera, memory cards and cables/card readers for downloading images over the course of the day.

Claire Ryan

Claire Ryan is a photographer based in Cork. She studied photography at St John’s Central College Cork and also received a BA (hons) degree in Photography from IADT Dun Laoghaire.

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Introduction to Growing Your Own Cut Flowers with Sarah Evans of The Secret Garden

29/03/2017 — 10:00 am - 2:00 pm — Cork Photo Gallery — Cork City

Workshop: Half day Introduction to Growing Your Own Cut Flowers with Sarah Evans of The Secret Garden.
Date: Wednesday 29th March
Time: 10 – 2pm
Venue: Cork Photo Gallery, The Lord Mayor’s Pavilion, Fitzgerald’s Park.
Cost: €45
Suitable for ages 16+.
Includes handout and all materials.

Do you love the idea of growing your own cut flowers and don’t know where to start?

Whether it’s for a wedding, or just a fresh vase of flowers on the kitchen table each week, we can all grow beautiful blooms. Home-grown seasonal flowers not only have a natural beauty, but you will be able to grow flowers not readily available in the shops, with the added bonus that they will not have travelled for thousands of miles. This half day workshop will arm you with enough practical know how to get you started for the season.

We’ll cover everything from choosing which varieties to grow, sowing from seed, planting, soil, feed, pest management, staking, cutting and conditioning. More importantly, this will all be organically so the bees and butterflies can enjoy the flowers too. You’ll also get a bit of hands on experience with sowing a few seeds of your own to take home and nurture. The cost includes a handout and all materials.


“A very lovely and unique experience. A super enjoyable day and so informative. Learnt loads and picked up lots of tips. A million thanks.”

“Sarah, your warm and encouraging open manner made the day a huge delight”

Sarah Evans

Sarah was the manager of award-winning garden centre, The Secret Garden in North Cork from 2002 until 2016, when she then decided to focus all her attention on her passion – the growing and arranging of flowers. A wedding florist since 2010, Sarah was frustrated by the lack of seasonal and Irish-grown flowers so year after year increased the volume and diversity of her own home-grown seasonal cut flowers, experimenting with different varieties of flowers and herbs, all for cutting. As an organic gardener, she shares her vegetable patch with all kinds of wildlife (not all of it welcome!) and takes pride in being able to offer chemical free beautiful blooms that she, her customers and wildlife can all enjoy.


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